In 2004, a couple who were just starting their new life together decided to build their home in Panglao Island, Bohol. Since they had eight grown-up children in total between them, they decided to build a house that would be big enough to accommodate them all in case they were to come visit all together! As they spent more time in the island, they realized that their location was actually in the middle of the famous Panglao tourist spot – a 7-minute walk from Alona beach. They decided to modify the place so it can accommodate paying guests during off family holiday season. The result is the unique set-up that is Citadel Alona Inn today with its different-sized bedrooms suitable for singles, couples and families or groups. There are also shared bathrooms typical of Filipino homes, a kitchen that allows simultaneous individual or group meal preps, and multiple common areas both indoor and outdoor to allow for quiet contemplation or bonding between family and friends.

These days, one of P’s daughters lives with her family in the private residence area once occupied by the couple. So, if you decide to stay with us, you almost certainly will meet and hear the family calling Citadel Alona Inn their home. You may hear the faint sound of the piano as the kids practice their pieces, smell the food being prepared for their meals, or you may even get invited to an impromptu bonfire or backyard dance party! Citadel Alona Inn is not a hotel, it’s not a resort but it’s truly a home. A home we are willing to share to whoever wants to visit and explore the beautiful island of Bohol – may you be a backpacker looking for a quiet and private accommodation, a couple visiting the many different tourist sites in the province, a family or a group of friends who prefers to cook, a solo traveler waiting for a late flight, yuppies who just started to work but already want to travel, or a group attending a wedding in one of the bigger, more expensive hotels close to us – you are all welcome to make Citadel Alona Inn your value for money home away from home in the heart of the Visayas.

Hope to see you soon!