Where is Citadel Alona located?

We are situated in Barangay Tawala in the Municipality of Panglao on Panglao Island, along the circumferential road leading into the built-up Alona area, and just a 6 - 8 minutes leisurely walk to Alona Beach. 

Citadel Alona is a 25-30 minutes drive from Tagbilaran City Airport or the Pier, 5-7 minutes drive to Bohol Beach Club, 15-20 minutes to Panglao Island Nature Resort, and 8-10 minutes drive to Bohol Bee Farm.

Can Citadel Alona arrange airport/pier transfers and tours (countryside & island hopping)?

No. Citadel Alona is only a small budget pension house and has no vehicle for guest transport.

For transport into the Alona Beach area : Car for hire is at Php500, Van is dependent on the number of persons and at least Php700, and Taxi (pay twice the meter amount – around Php500). Tricycles (Php300) are available at both the Pier and the Airport.

Backpackers may want to be more adventurous and take the public bus/jeepney transport. To commute to our place, first take a tricycle from the Pier or Airport to the Panglao public transport terminal near the ‘Bohol Museum’( minimum fare P8 per person). Note: The farther you are from the port or airport the greater possibility for you to be charged the minimum. Take the bus or jeepney to Alona Beach, Bgy Tawala side of Panglao (P25 per person). Please request bus/jeepney driver to stop in front of Citadel Alona Inn.

Citadel Alona maintains a list of reliable freelance operators for both land and sea transport who it can contact on behalf of our checked in or confirmed guests to arrange or negotiate trips and tours on their behalf. Guests directly pay the operators for such trips and tours and therefore get the cheapest possible rates. Citadel Alona does not collect any commission from these operators as is usually being done by most of the accommodation establishments here in Alona Beach.

Do your rooms have en-suite bathrooms and hot water?

No. Citadel Alona Inn was built to provide budget accommodation using pension house specifications. Separate, very well maintained shared Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s bathrooms are available on both floor levels. We take pride in ensuring these are properly maintained and kept clean at all times.

Sorry but there is no hot water in the bathrooms. A cool shower is refreshing and invigorating in this hot tropical island.

What does the room rate charge include?

The charge includes cost of room per night of stay as shown in the Room Price List together with free use of the main building services. These include the Reception / TV Sala, the Guests’ Communal Kitchen, the Balcony Dining / Relaxing Area, and the Guests’ Garden with its two native shaded-seating umbrellas and outdoor barbeque & wash-up area.

No toiletries and towels come with the room cost. For environmental reasons, towel use is charged as an extra at Php50 per towel while bath soap, shampoo and toothpaste are on sale separately at the Reception.

The cost of breakfast is not included and has to be ordered and paid for separately. It comes “a la carte” with prices ranging from Php120-180 per person depending on the order. Drinking water (bottled) dispensed hot or cold is free. 

Do the guest rooms have TVs?

No, but guests can watch cable TV in the Reception Area / TV Sala.

Does Citadel Alona Inn serve meals and have a restaurant and bar?

Only breakfast (all day) is available for guests and walk-in customers payable in cash and served in the balcony areas. Our comprehensive breakfast menu caters for both foreign and Filipino tastes. 

There are large numbers of full-time restaurants and bars of all standards nearby and on the way to and in Alona Beach which cater for all tastes. 

Does Citadel Alona Inn accept credit card, foreign currency or travellers check payments? 

No. All payments must be made in cash in Philippine Pesos. 

Where can one withdraw cash in Panglao?

There is a Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch on the road to Alona Beach with an ATM cash machine. It dispenses up to Php5,000 per transaction for foreign cards and Php10,000 for local cards. If you require more, simply put the card in again and repeat the transaction process until your daily withdrawal limit is reached. Foreign currency exchange services are also available just a short distance away.

Can guests cook for themselves and are there any shops locally selling groceries?

Yes. We have a well equipped communal kitchen and a garden barbeque available for the free use of guests. Guests may cook for their friends invited in for an extra charge of Php50.00 per head to cover use/maintenance of kitchen/dining facilities.

Local shops within 100m walk sell all types of basic foods. However, we recommend guests to procure food supplies from Tagbilaran or elsewhere as these are cheaper.

What about laundry services?

A laundry service is available nearby with the costs fixed on a weight basis. All laundry is spin- and sun-dried. Guests can do their own hand-wash laundry in our laundry area provided they first request permission from a staff member.

Is internet, wifi and public telephone access available within the building?

There are 4 internet cafes within a few minutes walk from us. Wi-Fi is on offer within Citadel Alona from 6.30am to 9pm. We do allow guests to use the landline telephone but only for local calls. Only in very special cases will we use our own mobile/cell phones for guests’ long distance telephone calls chargeable at actual cost. 

Does Citadel Alona Inn have a swimming pool?

No, but guests can use the beautiful large swimming pool at the Sun Apartelle resort immediately opposite Citadel Alona at a special concessionary price of Php 80 per person per day.

Does Citadel Alona Inn have a dive shop?

No. There are a multitude of dive shops in the Alona Beach area providing instruction and unsurpassed diving for all levels. Instruction is available in all the major European languages, Korean, Japanese, and the principal Filipino dialects. All dive shops have comprehensive websites listing details of costs and services.

For further inquiries please call +68 (0)38 502 9424: or send a text/sms to +68 (0)923 456 9560 (Sun) or +68 (0)915 463 6944 (Globe); or e-mail us at citadelalona@yahoo.com